One for the Team

by Daniel Son

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released May 30, 2014

All songs written by Daniel Son

Guns and Roses, Midnight Rider, Away Now, Murder Rap, Page Unfolds & Pretty Lies all produced by Daniel Son

Walked Many Paths produced by EpicScapes & Dan Morze (The Inspecta)

Drop, Killer Bees & Grey produced by Dan Morze (The Inspecta)

Batman produced by Sick Note aka Danny 2.0

All tracks recorded/engineered by Daniel Son, Henry Wiggins and Kenny Davis.



all rights reserved


Daniel Son Kent, UK

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Track Name: Guns and Roses
Got people gazing and quizzing me I'm why blazing religiously.
Have my greatest epiphanies with the greatest of piff in me!
Say my name when you're spitting and I'm creating a diss, it's peak.
I'll spray to the thriller beat. Now THAT's making 'em history.
Blatantly, literally. Never lay where you shit, it's deep.
Used to blame my brain for the misery. Now I'm good though.
Haters ain't shit to me, least my name's what they think and speak.
They can aim but they're missing, they'll never maim or disfigure me.
I'm Blade in 98 before the days of the trinity.
In a blood stained rage and they ain't able to mirror me.
F'inspiration is lifting me, you ain't taking me lyrically.
My words are weapons, best believe I came with artillery.
Gotta kill my heart before they ever make me miss a beat.
Still run the track if they attacked with razorblades and crippled me.
Go against my brain, against the grain I'm claiming victory.
I ain't waging war I'm screaming freedom like the middle east.

I operate a little deeper than these wasted shit MC's.
You man are minor rhymers so don't try and say you're big to me.
I was done with talking gangs before the age of 17.
By sixteen, I had witnessed fuckery some will never see.
It moulded me and now I love the way the pistol speaks.
But only when discussing a vengeance upon my enemies.
Lemon sweet. Buried deep. Take 'em off their very feet.
Boom bap. True that. Ever so heavenly.

It's strictly guns and roses for these fucking posers..
I'ma slash until my axe-all splits up like the rock and rollers..
Come and focus, think you're cold, I guarantee I'm one below it.
…..You fuckers know it and I love to show it.
Pumpy loaded but won't blow 'cause I ain't making nuffin pop.
I'd rather stay a nobody than make a name off what I'm not.
I'm diverging from self praise, the only chain I rock is pops.
I'm celebrating every day, the only pain I got's on rocks.
The mile high club. You could say we wised up.
Lifers who realise what rearranging your mind does.
The shit you see in movies ain't just 2D it's behind us.
Fine butt sluts chilling, willing when you try fuck.
Nice buds, feeling like a king though what you drive's rough.
Just got a promotion, fuck the price, just buy stuff.
You can have it all, don't go and spunk it in them nightclubs.
Buy drugs, never hype up. Stay righteous.

Make a plan tonight to go and bring your plans alive.
Maximise. Indulge in better thinking. Catch a match to light.
The dark and gloomy room and try expand your mind.
Tantalise the fantasies that lie within entrapments eyes.
You don't know what kind'a mines lie beneath the meadows.
..but injury is temporary for every steady fellow. the midst of it I'm mellow.
High like the synonym for hello, and if not I'm prolly billin it like Lego.
Track Name: Walked Many Paths
I'm back at it with the deeper shit.
Standing on the shoulders of giants when I need to spit. (Why?)
Not to burden you with words of how I'm feeling it's..
..more nowadays I view the world for what it really is. (But..)
But still I feel a need to travel it.
The over analyst, turned paranoid anarchist.
I'll even grab up and man-handle a pacifist.
Who patronises like they despise what my passion is.
Quit the high, started questioning my life more.
Silent with the guys who used to come around and buy more..
Like, were they just some customers that I'd sort..
..or deep down are they the brothers that I'd die for? Uh..
'Cause even though they know the bars I talk..
They can't be there for most the paths I walk..
So it's head high, although it's dark I store.. in my girl, she'll hold my heart, I'm sure. Yep!
Waking up feeling every day is hard..
When you spent your life rehearsing, but never played the part..
The born leader that's never taken charge..
Ain't scared, you want beef? Get a plate and ask!
This scaffolding'll fall if I don't elevate my bars..
..and come with suttin sharp that'll penetrate your heart.
Gotta look inside myself if I'll ever make a mark.
..turn my eyes around like exclamation marks.. (So..)
So when it's all said and done..
I'ma shout to the world: "Weren't nobody on my level!", son..
Not out of arrogance. I ain't ahead of anyone..
I mean you can't grasp where my head is at or ever was..
'Cause ain't nuffin purer than my heart..
Hoping for a bright a future, am I shooting in the dark?
Unusually smart, but with a lack of experience..
..and opportunity, it seems proving it is hard. (Real talk..)
Still Mum's on my case like a lawyer is..
But I left the child behind me like Letoya did.
21 now, bruv. I'm not boy in this..
But what are GCSE's? (Na..) They ain't employing him!
Still street smart.. AND I'm book smart.
I can BE smart even when I don't LOOK sharp..
Achieved what a crook can.. AND what a crook can't.
But sometimes hard work'll lose to a good start.
And I don't want sympathy in the littlest.
Worked 60 hours a week for that Elizabeth. (Uh..)
No rest for the wicked or the busiest.
Limitless! (Man..) I need suttin off of limitless!!
Silly thing is, I just wanna eat and be bless.
Put these demons to rest, be free of the stress.
I ain't skibba, one day I won't be dealing with debt. (Det)
That's pursuit of happiness so you can keep your respect. Yep.
I know I should be living my life today..
So why do I find I stay wishing my time away? (Ah..)
Quit piffing to envision my mind at bay.
Ambitious but mood swings are hitting me twice a day.
Honouring that but I ain't gotta collapse..
I'm stronger than the mockery I've got on my back.
The weed made me get lost in my tracks.
I HAD to quit to get lost in my tracks, no Mark Speight.
I don't care for Lib Dem, Labour or Conservative.
Nuffin they can do for this nation's gonna work for it.
I lost my enthusiasm, I ain't curbing it.
'Cause WE take the burn and get left at the curb for it.
(They) hide in the press that we're lied to, oppressed.
Stressed. They tell me stop fighting the rest.
'Cause instead of Bible, I'll take a rifle instead.
Like where were THEY when I was depressed, with suicide in my head?
The pain runs deep..
How can those who attend Eton relate? Come see.
EVERY one of my mates smokes weed.
Drop your same old, stage show rainbow, please!
You all blame us, so we hate police..
Then you close HMP's, wait, just means..
More dough for these fake MP's, and 'til WE meet the end.
We're gonna struggle just to make ends meet.
Track Name: Drop
Yo, I can't wait for my shit to.. DROP
And the team.. big up the team.
The team can't wait for my shit to.. DROP
And YEP.. I rep YEP.
YEP can't wait for my shit to.. DROP
The whole world..
Can't nobody wait for my shit to.. DROP.

These youts talk about bunnin trees.
I quit, but let 'em know they can't fuck with me!
I'm WEST HAM, you're MILLWALL. I'm in another league.
I used to puff a Z before I'd even brushed my teeth!
I ain't giving mixed messages.
Beat you half to death with this flow that will wreck your ship.
Might beat you black and blue like the Chelsea kits.
Failing that, I'll perfect you in two rounds on Tekken 6.
You'll never better me when no one knows what better is.
I've got an Arsonal of bars, so many 'dread in it'.
..Better get equipped if you ever think you can F with this.
How you gonna knock down a pessimistic depressionist?
Bought a .22 now you're that Rambo geezer.
Bought a tutu, to me you're a ballerina.
You ain't coming off the hip, shooting.
There's suttin queer 'bout these G's. Dominic Noonan.

Fuck the guns man, rather hear the drums bang..
..Bun a young man talking bout a dumb plan.
How he brang in heat, I know what these rappers mean.
They're all a bright spark 'til I douse 'em in gasoline.
They can diss me 'til they're blue in the face..
This ain't avatar, they're losing, it's bait. Better just move out the way.
Wait, MC's are so alien.
Ain't worthy of the sound system that you play me in.
I'm radiant. All I need's a mic and a beat.
And I'm gonna beat anyone saying me and Mike've been beat.
Like when them 6 guys banged me. I'll still rise to my feet.
Hyper than Hyper D when he used to vibe to the beat. RIP.

Seems everybody started at the bottom..
As if they moved up, I'm just laughing at 'em rotten.
I've been here since my bars got it popping.
Ask Wenger if the strength of your Arsenal is dropping.
Thinking you've got a buzz off a line or two..
Scratch that like vinyl, I will hit you with a line or two.
I've been spitting since your arse was in primary school.
Ask Skin, I've been barring since primary school!
Taught myself multi-syllables at thirteen.
Fifteen, I could kill 'em all and burn weed.
Sixteen and my visual had turned green.
Living through the curse, deep, missing what my world needs.
Held my Dad's hand as his body grew colder..
Like Father, like Son, I grew colder.
Heard his last breath leave his body. It was over.
Screamed FUCK THE WORLD with the weight of it on my shoulder!

So let it be a Stella that you pour me.
And toast to any lady and her fella that support me.
Public enemy number 1's what they called me.
Delivering the truth since day, I'm like Maury.
Been on the same digits since about 14.
Can't explain how many called try'na war me.
I kept it on the low, na I never let the law see.
They never really brought beef.. more like horsemeat.

I'm a giant - anyone'll get step on.
Remove you from the game and then take your 10 men on.
Don't ask what's the ref on?! I spit venom.
Inject it in your eyes and your minds as you get on..
..with your life, but you beckon, it's fine, bring a weapon.
Still take you outta your group like John Lennon.
I don't reckon, you'll put this dog down, I'll take a vet on..
..with odds against me. I should prolly stick a bet on.
Track Name: Nada
I just woke up and today I ain't doing nada..
I just woke up and today I ain't doing nuffin..

[Verse One]
I just woke up and I ain't doing shit today.
I'ma buil' a J, sit and blaze for a minute, wait.
I ain't got a bit of a grade to my name, ring a mate.
Can I get a flipping eighth.. even better if it's haze?
Yeah cuz course.. meet me round the back in 5.. like you had a knife, got the cro, banging dry..
Ammy, nice size, and Amsterdam standardised.
Tantalise your tastebuds, expand your mind.
I be like cool bro, that sounds majestic.
My morning looked boring til you went ahead and blessed it.
And my chick, she's asleep, yeah you guessed it..'s to the golden arches on some breakfast in bed shit.
Who said romance is dead? Tell 'em hit me up.
GIve a little puff, all they need is a pick me up.
..That don't make me a bad boy like Big and Puff..
You must've mixed me up, I'm just here to live and love..

I just woke up and today I ain't doing nada..
I just want the laughter and after, the karma..
I just woke up and today I ain't doing nuffin..
Fronting, junking.. Bout to get the blunts in.

[Verse Two]
Wake and bake, still stoned like i ate a cake
From blazing an 8th with an amazing taste. late as 8am, guided by the way Mary Jane'll fade away..
..into the atmosphere like Slug and Ant graced the stage..
Wait.. We come in peace like bullets..
Pull it, I mean the the track not the trigger.
Put the green in suttin from Cuba, not Gooding..
..Junior, Amster-Dan 'has it' more than a rumour.
I guess you gotta write it down to get that.
Step back, Steptoe, I'll son you for dead chat.
Dead that, I just wanna spit this and that's that.
Dan's back, tell your mum, siblings and stepdad.
F it you can rep that. Team anitsnuffink.
Still sane through the pain that we've seen, anitsnuffink.
So get the champagne, green and the blunts in.
You're bumping One for the Team. anitsnuffink.

I just woke up and today I ain't doing nada..
I just want the laughter and after, the karma..
I just woke up and today I ain't doing nuffin..
Fronting, junking.. Bout to get the blunts in.

That's all it's ever been, anitsnuffink.
This is one for the team anitsnuffink.
Big up team anitsnuffink.
Track Name: Midnight Rider
[Verse One]
I hate feds like I hate racists.
You're so ignorant but you all got the balls to say shit.
What's the basis of your payslip? It's wasted.
Fuck that badge.. And how great you think "Babe" is.
You're better removed, I'm fed up of you.
Whenever it's food I'm getting, I can bet there's a fed in the queue.
Well fed, you're well fed, is the clue.
But there's people being raped. Ain't you got nuttin better to do?
Do you HAVE to stare at me any further?
My taxes pay to put that cheese in your burger.
Might stink of weed but we didn't murder.
Eyes bleeding, can't even leave in a Burka.
Peak. Now they wanna stop and search like I've got the herb.
Cooperation prolly works when you're not a jerk.
Cause you ain't gonna like this, but you ain't gonna find shit.
..unless you've got a 9 and a warrant for my privates.

Gotta keep on running.. keep on running..
I'm the midnight rider. Midnight bunning.
Gotta keep on running.. Keep on grinning..
Won't let 'em catch me, no, I won't give in.

[Verse Two]
Had to rap a record.
To say fuck you for giving my Dad a record.
Because he was innocent - and you won't get the paedo that watched me..
..or people that robbed me, it's sickening.
THAT's what turns a man freezing.
IPCC ain't shit, police need policing!
In their eyes we're all mundane sinners.
Revolution'll arrive like it's Sunday dinner.
Killer. I'll be carving pigs up.
Screaming fuck Chief Wiggum and Starsky and Hutch.
Kojak, Axel Foley and Columbo.
Roll on 'em like Ironside. They'll get bun slow.
Midnight ride 'til I die, you won't catch me.
So tell The Sweeney they better have a plan B.
Frame ME? This ain't photo shop.
Restore factory settings on a Robocop.
You wanna know what I got, it's no wonder..
..I wanna know the law that you're stopping ME under.
If I'm not detained then I'm off in my ride.
If I am, it's no comment 'til my lawyer arrives. That's wise.

Gotta keep on running.. keep on running..
I'm the midnight rider. Midnight bunning.
Gotta keep on running.. Keep on grinning..
Won't let 'em catch me, no, I won't give in.

[Verse Three]
Uh.. never been injured or beaten.
I choose not to get over shit, I get even.
Always make it clear what I think of policemen..
Fuck 'em all.. give 'em middle fingerer treatment.
Beat 'em. Let's make the misery even..
..and not stop 'til every single pig isn't breathing.
I ain't saying that my history's decent.
But fuck you, there ain't a fucking thing that I'm breaching.
You wanna cuff ME like I'm thinking of fleeing..
I ain't left ONE man injured or bleeding..
Weren't on the phone or drinking or speeding.
You've got my prints, can't link me to stealing.
Search my whip if you think that I'm dealing.
It's just 'cause I'm young and it's into the evening.
Have I got food? Na prick I just eaten.
So suck my dick 'til I hit you with semen.

Gotta keep on running.. keep on running..
I'm the midnight rider. Midnight bunning.
Gotta keep on running.. Keep on running..
Track Name: 50 Shades
You can call it three dimensional.
More depth than you can ever recollect at all.
I'm yours, yep I suggest you just forget them all.
Forgot that, the eye contact's perpetual.
Symmetrical. Getting intense like a festival.
Best of all, exception is the tension is sexual.
I'll carrot on 'til you leek like some vegetables.
I'ma make your knees weak but never let you fall.
..against the wall, lips to your neck.
Nibble and kiss a bit then, whisper the rest.
"I'm gonna hit it 'til our skin is in a sweat..
..mixing with the liquid that you're dripping 'cause you're wet".
Hands on your thighs as our bodies lock.
Fully dressed. Warming up like a voddy shot.
Could've guessed, warming up like a molly's popped.
Yeah, you gon' feel this beat like you body pop. So...

Let's live for now and forget who we are.
I swear down I'ma make you a movie star.
Press record, zoom and undo your bra.
You ain't ready yet, gotta get you wet 'fore I do you hard.
Oh yahhh, soaking so far..
Squeeze your arse as I'm, pulling you closer.
Now you can go home or I can go hard..
'Til your sex drive breaks down like an old car.
Sex and lyricism intertwined.
I spit it and you hear the riddim then you ride.
Pussy won't last when I get inside.
I bet a grand you ain't had a dick as big as mine.
Slam you down on the bed.
My tongue working rounds on your chest.
Tickle and nipple nibbling, my arms surrounding your legs..
Until you go downnnn for the head.

Hit the dome hard like an uppercut.
Mouthful, looking up, tell me how you love to fuck.
Tonging but, slow it down, I don't wanna bust a nut.
I won't bust your bubble but, slapping on your bubble butt.
Undressing when I start to kiss your neck again.
Gripping your wrists, pin you down like we're wrestling.
Tip of my dick, tickle your clit till you're trembling..
..moaning, soaking and open to let me in.
Girl get this work, here's your rota.
Just the head. Adjust your legs to my shoulder.
Biting your bottom lip, like a Dracula poser.
Nails in my back and that, snatching me closer.
You bout to scream if it fits all in it.
Honour that, on your back. Hips all in it.
Bouncing all around, playing pinball with it.
Nimble fingers, got your clit, pulsing it.

False image but I see the real you.
Talking dirty telling me to fucking drill you.
Honour that. From the back. Pull the hair too.
Hit it like my last zoot. No one can compare to.
(What? Why not?) Cause my beat be the hardest.
You don't need to put your hands down like half six.
Screaming and tweaking your hard nips.
You can learn a lot from me, I'll show you what class-is (classes)
You cum and tell me bust in your mouth.
Honour that. Swallow that. Love it. Be proud.
Maybe you could stay on the scene, hang around..
Be my sex machine. I'm the boss, James Brown.
So come back init, we can boom bap with it.
You gladly strip, put your back in it.
Room candle lit, you immaculate.
You're like a star from another galaxy, yo haha
Track Name: Slow Flow
"My slow flow's remarkable"
So is the quick one.
Spitters ain't bringing it sicker than this, they're mimicking Big's one.
"My slow flow's remarkable"
So is the fast one.
I could just start to rap on the track and be lapping an R1.

[Verse One]
So what's cracking like an overseer?
Turtle flow is here, in the sewer with a Margherita.
Over stoning potent cro up in the reefa for my fever..
Keeping lean with young Nasir up in the speaker.
You can SEE what I'm speaking, the ode is deeper.
Never paint a picture of me smiling like the Mona Lisa.
Over eager, so serious like the Joker's here.
Kinda cute in 92, they never thought I'd grow to be a.. drinking. Bud smoking. Mother fucking animal.
Slow and steady wins the race. I've already lapped 'em all.
Evolve or be extinct. Kill or be killed. It's all natural.
Charles Darwin of rap, without the beard, I'm smart, casual.
The hard act actually ain't a hard act to do.
I carry gargantuan bars, you aren't shatter proof.
Move sharper than darts and glass shards if attacking you.
I keep a beat backing me. Fuck whoever's backing you.

"My slow flow's remarkable"
So is the quick one.
Spitters ain't bringing it sicker than this, they're mimicking Big's one.
"My slow flow's remarkable"
So is the fast one.
I could just start to rap on the track and be lapping an R1.

[Verse Two]
Accurately only ever 'bout that sick rap..
Ever spit back with a diss track, get bitch slapped with my dick. Bap.
You ain't lived that. Ain't hit that. Won't swing that.
I'll swing back with a pick axe, make wigs splat. I'm with that.
Sit back. You know what really gets my dick hard?
A big arse. I'll make a big arse of you in six bars.
Then ejaculate a reservoir of discharge..
When decapitating your head and arms from your mid part.
Argh. My bars are fucked like my back is.
Sciatic nerve pain is dramatic I couldn't smash it..
..with a 'chete and a mallet so you might catch him walking with a limp.
The pain's damaging like semi automatic clips.
..You rappers are below the goods like a pallet is..
..and that's below the great like a KO from Mohammad is.
I'm saying that on average they ain't standing with the averages.
They're needing Dan to spit and show them mandem what the standard is.
Blow my own trumpet on some Manson shit.

"My slow flow's remarkable"
So is the quick one.
Spitters ain't bringing it sicker than this, they're mimicking Big's one.
"My slow flow's remarkable"
So is the fast one.
I could just start to rap on the track and be lapping an R1.

[Verse Three]
So who's got suttin to say?
Get up in my face or the fuck out my way.
If I'm buzzing I'm bussin and nuttin'll stray.
If I'm buzzing I'm upping from puffing the grade.
Get bun like an 8th. I'm loving the haze.
Lemon inhaling I'm up and away.
Why the fuck did you say you'll hit man?
You're just around BIG, man like Puffy and Jay.
..Are you thinking I must be afraid?
You're fucking insane. I'm on top of my game.
But ain't come here to play and I'm fucking irate.
So don't come around like me like it's lovely it ain't.
Sunny or great.
I don't wanna be referred to as brother, cousin or mate..
..or blood like we're safe.
I ain't about that like cunt in my face.

Thunderous days if I jump on the mic.
Have had man clap like guns in the sky.
Fly when I'm busting a rhyme.
Like the D double tune when he come and begun with the grime.
Birds in the sky..
Birds to my left.. birds to my right..
Most birds are just a burden, I find.
Earning a ride, wanna play ME like Cluedo?
They can get murdered tonight.
Let me slow that down for the herbalists like..
Get the herbal alight.
Is it burning alright? Exhale.
Pollute the vicinity.
Focus your energy, flick on a dilla beat.
Hip Hop is living and more than a memory.
..inna me and you will never get rid of me.
91 to infinity.
Track Name: Away Now
[Verse One]
He's reefer dreaming, sativa breathing..
Mr. Nice Guy if you meet and greet him (yo!)
Back in the day they said they'd leave him bleeding..
He had ie in his veins now we see them freezing.
Try'na get a benz bag and go threes in..
..Boss, what's the meaning? There's not a reason.
Miss, it's demeaning. You must've missed the meeting..
You reap what you sow, so just go get that Queen in.
Positivity'll prove to you a progression..
At all costs avoid any gloom or depression..
So one thing I'm never losing is the essence.
Fuck yourself moody, why you mooching in my presence?
Don't judge me if I'm zooted in the session..
Suited and booted and fruitfully fresh with a..
..BIG bag of bars that I'm using as a weapon.
Line 'em up and try to just shoot 'em like I'm Beckham.

Give me the light, give me the heat, give me the flame..
Give me the baccy and haze, kicking the habit's a waste.
Bigger than back in the day, no I don't drink much I just blaze.
If they don't accept my lifestyle then just get 'em-a, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away now!!!

[Verse Two]
I got more bud bars than any dealer you know..
..and bring more heat than any weed ever needed to grow.
Keep your solid, I don't want it, it's the green that I blow..
Thick clouds in the sky like it recently snowed..
Cloud of bubblegum in my lungs, just to free my spirit.
..take you to a place where you don't need your feet to kick it.
I see the evil and police'll be deceiving with it..
..speaking like there's reason to make your people believe they did it.
Nah, we're smarter than that. You'll never beat us, init..
All I need's a minute, take heed when I'm on the beat and rip it.
Deliver some bigger speakers to release my lyrics.
..having ladies screaming with it like my meat was in it.
I ain't gonna two-time my girl, I'm a new guy.
I don't say shit but chicks can't resist the blue eyes..
I just kept the noose high, in attempt to lose ties.
..'Cause I'm better on my Jacks, son.. I'm the new Mike!

Give me the light, give me the heat, give me the flame..
Give me the baccy and haze, kicking the habit's a waste.
Bigger than back in the day, no I don't drink much I just blaze.
If they don't accept my lifestyle then just get 'em-a, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away now!!!

[Verse Three]
So let me tell you 'bout the trouble that I'm having coping..
..On the knife-edge with anxiety 'til it slashed me open..
Sat here hoping, time to put my plan in motion.
John-Locke-hunting some James Watts and Matthew Boultons..
But cut me again if you wanna see ambition 'cause it..
Runs in my veins more than the blood to my brain.
Through carotid arteries, full of clotted tar and leaves..
It's A-Levels to SATS, you will not and can't compete.
So what's a tiny new school cock to Masta D?
Said you better let it go like a spot of archery.
You'll get served then billed if you wanna tarnish me.
I will wipe the floor with you before you mop the bar with me, I..
Bar to beats and they jack it like a varsity.
I come far from being the illest kid in town.
Now, stars in their eyes smoke when I go to roll the windows down..
Get high with me or hit the ground!

Give me the light, give me the heat, give me the flame..
Give me the baccy and haze, kicking the habit's a waste.
Bigger than back in the day, no I don't drink much I just blaze.
If they don't accept my lifestyle then just get 'em-a, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away, get 'em away, get 'em away now!
Get 'em away now!!!
Track Name: Ninja
Looking like a ninja. Scarpering in all black.
Catch me in the dark of night. Chanting like the all blacks.
Bali'd up. Mad as fuck. Bad me up or back it up.
You faggots cannot fucking object if you're inanimate.
It's unanimous. Better get ya cameras.
You'll never beat me on tape. I'm Jackie Channing ya's.
..Fabulous. I'll head to head with any of you challengers.
But better let it known I'm a beast. Mind the antlers.
I be MD. The microphone damager.
Big dick carrier. Swallow me to be happier.
Can't rap circles round a man that has the stamina.
To compete in triathlons from Malaga to Africa.
Wah. Aggier than Kim and Aggy are.
In a kitchen riddled with mildew where the maggots are.
You might smell me, bunnin' on that Van de Sar.
Hand on heart, sick dank from a land afar.
AmsterDan you kna'. Kick my feet up.
Leaner than pisa. Eating a pizza.
Beating a beat, I'm the eagerest beaver.
You wan' meet for the beef then I'll leave with a cleaver.
Anything you've ever seen in the scene or..
Ever seen in the sea, best believe it I'm deeper.
Creep with the reefa, leave ya shook like a seizure.
I get it hotter than Betty Crocker with fever.
They call me Daniel Son. Nice to meet ya.
Total shit speaker coming through your speaker.
Say you got bodies but you couldn't kill a feature
Ever say we're on the same page I'll delete ya.
Here to defy the weed stereotype..
How do I stay this bright after all that Amnesia?
I ain't joining in if I can't beat ya.
I kill and then string 'em up inside my freezer.
I been murdering beats for 9 years.
And ain't come this far to cease or die here.
Whatever I breathe, you'll feel it like fear.
My coughs are like kicks and sneezes like snares.
So live. Middle finger to the sky.
And the feds and the deadest of rappers that don't write.
Like.. don't.. don't believe the hype.
You might blind the sheep but my eye sight is fine.
Step to try.. You ain't F'ing with I..
Who's a threat to my life more than the depths of my mind?
So when I die, bury me with my mic..
..a half ounce of lye and some enemies at my side.
Track Name: Killer Bees
[Verse One]
I'm a rare breed like a liger.
Only ever roar if you're stealing my lighter.
No one is as raw if I breeze in your cypher.
Your limelight'll turn into Hollister when I pipe up.
So give me the mic bruv, came to get righteous..
Came with haze, if you blaze, raise your lighters.
We're alright for some products of society and lifers.
But nuttin lifts the mind like the high does.
Nuttin moves your head like the boom bap.
Here to bring the golden era groove back, so move back..
..for Doom tracks, 36 chambers of the Wu Tang.
Say I won't do that, best hit 'em up like Tupac!!
Isn't new, stick and move, clip 'em with a few jabs.
Only chance of living through's bring me where the booth's at.
Sicker than the cancer caused by your food scraps.
It's all a lie, don't chew that. The truth's mad.

Killer Bees swarm the vicinity..
Snare slap a soft spitter back when we give 'em beats.
...Fuck your tight shirts and your skinny jeans.
RnB rappers get CUT. This a different scene.

[Verse Two]
Been reading at home, alone with my.. sess.
Growing obsessed with Rosemary West.
With 48 laws of power bold in my head.
I'll end ANYTHING. I just wrote my notebook to.. death..
More attitude than WWF had.
I'm more Animal and Hawk than an X-Pac.
Beats muckier than resting in the wet patch.
Dirty like the fact under-agers'll get that!
..or being touched by your Step Dad secretly.
Bet g's the deepest seas ain't as deep as me.
They said I'm racist. It used to eat at me.
'Till I grew to see I hate everybody equally.
You wanna piece? Come round like a pizza please.
Meet and greet class A daylight thievery.
Quite easily. F you dumb white cunts.
Think you got a buzz then come, get, stung.

Killer Bees swarm the vicinity..
Snare slap a soft spitter back when we give 'em beats.
...Fuck your tight shirts and your skinny jeans.
RnB rappers get CUT. This a different scene.

[Verse Three]
Serve MC's with ease like I push pills.
..I'd dead 'em the second I step in if looks could kill.
Yeah I lost my good will, fuck how you would feel.
Try spitting phat in MY kitchen and get a cooked grill.
Real. Might burn a man so bad that he..
Has to be sent to casualty, don't be mad at me.
Bragging 'cause I do ME ever so casually..
And better than you do every rapper in the galaxy.
Name a fella in my era that is better..
..than the fourth, the first then the fourteenth letter.
Bars are gaga like a raw meat sweater.
If I EVER get it popping, don't call me bredda.
Don't call me EVER. Yep, I'll end it quick..
….Like Maria Miller's expenses list.
MP's spending taxes on empty cribs..
Yet you hate MY offensiveness. Fuck censorship.

Killer Bees swarm the vicinity..
Snare slap a soft spitter back when we give 'em beats.
...Fuck your tight shirts and your skinny jeans.
RnB rappers get CUT. This a different scene.
Track Name: Grey
[Sampled Intro]
I smoke and I drink and, every time I blink, I..
..have a tiny dream.
But as bad as I am, I'm proud of the fact that I'm..
..worse than I seem.

Usually bored, smoke two's of the draw.
Seeking one good reason why I'm doing this for.
People judging like they knew me before.
You never knew me, I'm a new me, I'm sure.
I realised when I hit the bottom..
That me and my own friends don't have anything in common.
Maybe that's why nobody understands me.
..and I'm an outcast, even to my own family.
It was all bless when I started..
To be an artist, now the rest have departed.
It F's up your quest when you're stressed and lethargic.
Depressed from the get go, you're next to be targeted.
But nah, I can't be weak..
And talk is cheap so I hardly speak.
Walk with me, as I spar these demons..
..and you pray to Gods that I can't believe in.

They tell me all you need is faith.
I done the opiates, we don't need to reacquaint.
You feel a way when they don't miss you and you've been away.
…I'm only seeing grey, I need a POA.
Dark guy, my surroundings are moonlit.
Best get the zoot lit, it's spooning, recoup it.
I turn the TV on too but I mute it.
Ironic when I switch on the news, it's no new shit.
The wars ain't passing us ever.
This fed up fella sips half of his stella.
Not scratching the surface, I'm ploughing through tar to be better.
I will never let 'em tarnish me. Never.
There's a King in I like I'm part of Coretta.
Have a heart to heart. When I bar, you can measure.
Both ventricles, never half hearted endeavours..
But jealous that we can only surpass if you let us.

Let us. Every track is letters to my future self.
Done it out of love from being done and out of love.
Them spitters differ.. 'cause I ain't in pursuit of wealth.
..and never look to others like there's suttin I can't do myself.
…Going through hell burned..
...But every scar that I'm showing is well earned.
I'm so stubborn that succumbing to help hurts.
But couldn't have felt worse, it's all about self worth.
So when you feel like you wanna pack up, back up..
Hit the ground, flip around and get back up.
Even if it don't add up, take the minus.
..but multiply positivity or stand divided.
Got a couple Man United, never on a track though.
But if I get the Giggs then it's gonna be Fab'yo!
Keane to be what they lied that I'd never be.
Rise with prosperity, arrive with it Cleverley.

..Inner crime from Young, but never murdered man.
Serving grams. Buying O's. Always kept a Ferdinand.
Had to swerve the plan like I felt threatened.
…I just saw the state of being Welbeckon.
I'm doing better than I'm feeling.
...Thankfully I'm worse than I'm seeming.
Disperse of my demons. Energies are healing.
I'm dreaming… but every word I said has got a meaning.
If sky's the limit, I ain't flying off.
Gotta take it level at a time before you fight the boss.
Right on. I'll write on and never sign it off.
I write songs to right wrongs, they'll never write me off!!
On the draw. Get the Voddy poured.
Might see me stumbling, mumbling, I ain't gonna fall.
Never balling but ambition got me on the ball.
Nuffin wrong with wanting more, even when you got it all.

[Sampled Outro]
What kind of paradise, am I looking for?
I've got everything I want, still I want more
Track Name: AmsterDan
[Verse One]
Chillin in Dam, billin up dank.
For real we been here billin it as rigid as dams.
Sieving through grams, picking that ganj.
Twist it 'til it's thinner than sand and pass the paper here.
Blazer 'ere, make it clear, you ain't seen and 8th of gear..
Spiffing as this squidgy black, stickier than sticky back..
..plastic.. that sick.. prick like when I shave my beard..
We're turning up to get baked, this ain't a place for beer.
They say it makes you crazy yeah..
But all that's crazy here's that we blazed for years and made it here..
So baby, baby, here.. Refrain from playing weird.
Hit a little piff and it'll rid you of them crazy fears..
Cheers.. maybe just a half then!
Heineken got me feeling vibrant at half ten.
Dealers in the street try'na speak to me, I par them.
If it comes to bars, they'll get served like I bar tend.
They can't fend me off, I'm half dead though.
Beer, weed and shrooms got me thinking I'm on deathrow.
Zombie kill and eat their flesh slow, let the rest show..
..bun their finger like a spliff and bounce to a sex show.
Cocky from the get go, now I'm fucking loving it.
Fucked up on some other shit, bunnin piff in public.
Live from the mothership, you heard we runnin it.
Yep, down to earthy Bertie's dirty does'ing it!

You won't last long like a hamster, man..
Gotta smash this land with a bank in hand..
When in Amsterdam getting amsterprang.
I'm the amster-man call me Amster Dan.

[Verse Two]
Purple up in it, might be with some phat cheese.
Haze for days, maybe add a bit of Amneez.
'Cause these bags, these, fact be's the stank weed.
Have to take a Tyson hit, man, that's Dan's steez.
There's no arm like amputees. Hear me saying.
It's invigorating when I hit a J for inspiration.
Fuck lighting, I'm on fire, I incinerate and..
..take my 5-panel off to the laws of this flipping nation.
And its inhalation even if they hate us.
UK, baby we take sluts and blaze buds.
I ain't speaking our praise, but.. we came up..
Couple changed 'nuff but we never let it change us.
Gonna hit Grasshopper for a little look..
Kill a book of roach, hit Popeyes for Vanilla Kush. a push, gonna have to cross over though.. a Greenhouse for some Flowerbomb to smoke.
Glass low, if any. I ain't gotta flow the Henny.
Roll a blunt, stay blunt like an old machete.
Fold, lick, fold, lick, tear and the roach is ready.
Light breeze from the air-con, better hold it steady.
But what do I know? It's def like Van Gogh.
Rihanna's in here inhaling my second-hand smoke.
Saw Lethal at the airport, I ain't gotta care more..
..'cause I'm AmsterDan, one day I'll be in their thoughts.

[Outro x2]
You only hit bongs 'cause you can't roll blunts..
I gotta laugh though cuz..
You only hit bongs 'cause you can't roll, can't roll..
I gotta laugh though, laugh though..
Track Name: Life
I see life through an intricate lens..
It gets blurry when I think of the end.
I see life through an intricate lens..
It gets blurry when I think of the end…

Never heard a beat like this before.
Make me wanna flip modes, saying "Gimme Some More".
Rest in Peace Dilla, man, give me the draw.
See me hit it quicker than the fittest of whores..
..out in Dam, blowing Lizzy in all them red bedrooms.
Got you needing head room, fly to the next moon.
In a parallel universe, there's no limit at all.
If I ain't high, I feel destined to fall.
What a fool, if I get drunk one time.
Feel my blood run dry as I lunch on some undone hype.
Like the young dumb guy that I used to be.. it a mutiny for my unsung rhymes.
Cause an act of mad aggression has 'em guessing, like..
Maybe he needs them anti-depressants?
Diazepam or medicine, tramadol for sedatives.
Sativa in a cigarette'll work, give him anything.
A quick fix for the demon so menacing.
Facing the karma from every adolescent sin.
Time is money I'm investing in the bars and more..
But I can't afford to be tripping so F your mescaline.
Real talk, my mental is a mental thing.
What made you think I need to get the psychedelics in?
My peoples ain't dilated where's your Evidence?
I'm gifted on my own but cursed with my intelligence.
If I want it slow, hit the trees, not the ketamine.
If I don't want your coke and a pussy's what I'm credited?
Then it's F the white, on some Black Panther heavy shit.
Force you can't reckon with, Huey P in 7-6.
……Do your research, let it settle in.
You'll only learn a lesson if it's suttin you're interested in.
Try be the president of that set you're in.
That's ANYTHING, I'm try's set precedents.
……Schools ain't preparing us right.
You can leave at 16, but won't be ready for life.
Like, I can't think of a singular time..
I've used the periodic table or the theory of pi.
...They never taught ME about taxes.
Or that I could start new chapters anywhere on the atlas.
They only teach us to stay captive.
Then blacklist our ambition, this is madness.
Blackness in our visions, cataract kids.
'Cause the education bill's counteractive.
Fact is, if you have a voice then they're out to get ya.
But OUR future's at steak… and it's got salmonella.
The media never had a disease sounding better.
I just bun a pound of cheddar now to make the outcome better.
They won't keep me down forever.
Cause after the death of a loved one, you realise it's now or never.
But while you're try'na keep your heads up. I got a heads up.
...Now it's head down 'til I'm ahead bruv.
No time for wet sluts dressed up in dead clubs.
I got high strength skunk to bun with the pen clutched.
I been heavy for years..
But all these house fans round me won't lend me their ears.
This is an art that's rammed with intelligence here.
Beats'll beat up your kick and your snare.
It is what it is, I grew up way ahead of my peers.
I seen things, made me hold some irregular fears.
Never skipped when I saw shit that sent me to tears.
Just reclined and rolled solo for several years.
That guy they resent 'cause he's weird.
Gave up music.. to progress with careers..
But still can't and the future's looking ebony here.
So wherever he steers he's getting terribly scared.
Daydreaming but his head is a mare.
..They say that Cancer's hereditary yeah?
If that's the case he won't make 70 years.
By 55 he'll be lying in the cemetery, dead.
Or at least comatose..
..and I ain't even diagnosed although I'd like to know when I'ma go..
If there's no goodbyes. Just know I made stacks multiply to Kobe's height..
..Like I'm Walter White.
Can't excel in a dying business..
'less I sell my soul and image to get riches..
I see life through an intricate lens..
It gets blurry when I think of the end.. End..
Track Name: Murder Rap
[Hook x2]
I'm 'ere to bring the murder back (murder back)
You pussy MC's ain't heard of that (heard of that)
I'm all about the murder rap (murder rap)
Kill 'em all. DEAD!! 'Til I'm all about a murder rap (murder rap)

Dug the drums from a crate, they're great.
Ain't done without a synth and a crazy bass.
Then Regina gets cut, no razorblade.
That's four of a kind, starting with an ace of spades.
David Blaine couldn't gamble with rain man.
You're Man U without Rooney, best change your gameplan.
Toy with the notion I'm void of emotion, lame man..
I'll cut the deck and your neck with the same hand.
I'm such a lovely, nice, troubled guy..
Up and coming, young Jim Duggan with a tonne of ply.
Bi-polar, so pearly white with a mucky side.
Come with bars, I'll turn Peter Sutcliffe with the fucking rhymes.
Could I care more? Maybe..
Walk the streets in my battered air force daily.
Crazy with an air horn to scare old ladies..
Rawer than a fucking stillborn baby.
It's Daniel, Son! You ain't got a flipping clue..
"God is my judge" is the meaning if you're biblical.
Fighting Lions just to spice up your interval.
Escaping unscathed in a fur coat at 62.
Watch, the way I murder it is criminal..
That Fred West, first degree, merking in the living room.
Barrymore, face down, surface of the swimming pool.
Beat a beat harder than percussion on a Dilla tune.
Baby you can scream for help from within the womb.
Dr. Shipman's health service is killing you.
You can ignore this rawness that I'm bringing you..
It's '02, Washington. I'm watching and in the boot.
Killer shit, I don't give a shit.
Got a hammer for EVERY shit rapper blagging they're a lyricist.
So hear the echoes of the honesty that's sizzling..
As I spit in the grill of the pickneys that deliver it.
Young rolling stone, rolling stoned.
From an era where it seems I won't own no home.
Just about afford clothes and my mobile phone..
..and my car and my rent and the cro I've blown.
So yo, wah blow?! Danny never was a thief.
In it to win it aged 6, playing pogs for keeps.
On the streets, never wanted P's, wanted property.
Monopoly philosophy, prolly need lobotomy in honesty.
It's quality over quantity..
Gotta be higher than any gospel you mongrels preach!!
I was on the trees and went beyond the trees.
But there ain't a lot to see it's just a flock of sheep.
People saying they ain't seen me in an age.
You won't see me in a rave, 'til I'm spitting on the stage.
Next to Skiba with an 8th, lungs and liver in a state. I'm sipping on a crate, split billin, fit women..
But I'm picky with the age, I ain't Jimmy, I'm a Dave Becks..
One woman man, when she ain't with me she got faith..
Like the chick that Biggie laid, diss her and get slayed.
Like Biggie in LA.. It's no Biggie anyway!
This is Hip-Hop, brudda if you F with the cult!
I'm sticking fingers at your side like I'm checking your pules.
A$AP and Drake chat got me semi-repulsed.
We're lighting big L's to Big L wherever we go. Ghost.

[Hook x2]
I'm 'ere to bring the murder back (murder back)
You pussy MC's ain't heard of that (heard of that)
I'm all about the murder rap (murder rap)
Kill 'em all. DEAD!! 'Til I'm all about a murder rap (murder rap)
Track Name: Batman
Middle finger to society.
The youth of today say fuck sobriety.
Lack of jobs, don't nobody wanna hire me.
Living in a time where you ain't being where you try to be.
I come from the tracksuit era..
Where airs and air force were that true sneaker.
TN hat too, drawstring bag yutes..
That happy slapped you or slumped chumps for that new..
iPod or phone, gangs'd evolve..
Suttin grand in your hand then it's bound to dissolve.
You ain't got the winning hand, your way out is to fold.
Or get lay out cold, out in the cold.
Seems everyone's a hippy now, stupid.
Tie dye, die. I ain't living round new shit.
Hip Hop. I've only ever been about music..
But how the fuck can you call house music?
I ain't with that fully pop pussy hop.
Looking good to cops, I could never pull it off.
When they see me looking off.. Ride be stinking..
Eyes be stinging, lightly blinking.
And you might not.. Hear me talking..
But you'll see me rolling, call me Stephen Hawking.
I'm an old skool King like Henry the 8th.
I remember when Henry's were 8ths.
Wait, stay blazing on the track, fam.
Came back to save the place that I'm living in like Batman.
Let you see inside my cranium like catscans.
Wait, what the fuck yo, who's that? That's Dan.
Should've joined the army how he's smoking all this Afghan.
Bang on, but I disagree with that plan.
Fuck the government, police and the tax man.
I'm a hard working citizen try'na stack grands.
Leave the drink 'cause it turns me to a mad man.
Just get amsterprang in Dam and yam phat scran.
I enjoy the finer things in life, not a bad man.
I ain't had a threesome, let alone gang banged.
I was born in a town called Barrow in Furness..
I'm not surprised if you man haven't heard it.
Consists of nurses, scavengers lurking.
And shipyard workers, my manor's deserted.
Man it's disturbing, everyone knows everyone.
Unless you're in a profession above, you ain't getting one.
Confession, I love getting above, but if they all settle for..
Getting messy in clubs, how can better come?
Lost confidence at 8, moved to Kent.
Made a few friends.. One of 'em was Hip Hop.
Rapping J5 at 9 with Lil' Skin Dogg.
Way before the days that we'd get jobs or piff lots.
Grew into a young white gangster rap maniac..
Madness how it made me act, can't let my brain relapse.
You'd be shocked like a taser jab..
Or have your mouth open like a razor slash if I played it back.
Two BB guns at the hip..
Doing hoodrat shit, some naughty little kids..
Shot a few times to the face of this bitch.
'Cause she had no taste in the way that I lived.
Mum was pissed. Went into a next rage.
Confiscated them with my Eminem tapes.
In the Eminem days when he was a renegade.
Taught me have balls with whatever the F I say.
At 13 I got jacked on my way to school..
Played the fool and got burgled at 14.
Satan never scorned, he warned and then I paid my dues.
And rolling with the ball peen's what it made me do.
15 the first time I bill and hit a bat.
Same year, the first time I hit a yat.
Fucked two more straight after like a lad.
Bad. Mad. Five guys swung jabs.
Within a year of that, Cancer killed my Dad.
Took me 5 years to stand and come back.
But Daniel Son's back! Back, back, back..
Can only kill me with a pumpy or a mach.
Back then I was dumb now I'm like what's popping?
If any man's trying it on, I will off him.
Watch him, catch him, slipping, stop him..
Hot him, slap him, chin him, drop him.
Kick him. Chuck him in the boot like shopping.
Rock him. Watch him crumble like pollen.
No jealousy round me, no nothing.
I got rid of the green before without shotting.
Now, now, now I'm doing alrighty.
Born 18 months into the 90's.
Rep for the boom bap. True that, I been.
Heard on 140 before, I'm so grimy.
Try be mighty if you don't like me.
I said in 08 that you better come find me.
Timely, 'cause I don't get studio time free..
And gotta drop suttin for the team that's behind me.
So best check me in for a service
Need the full works as my sickness emerges
Rock a skinhead but if i feel nervous.
Then your teeth just might meet where the curb is
Mother fucks can't actually say shit.
You can get a cut for a fraction of my wages.
Don't want my hands or my damn creps merky.
But when duty calls, I crack heads like Dirty.
Laid back, easy, suave, so smooth widdit.
So new that you don't know what to do widdit.
Might catch up but.. Probably take a few minutes.
Doom in it, puke-infused when I spew lyrics.
Beating me ain't the easiest task.
If it's beef and we pass, let it cease 'til it's dark.
Laugh and come back on Halloween in a mask.
Got them tricks up my sleeve and the treat's in the car, like..
I need that skrilla, bitch.
I need that money, fam.
I need that paper, cuz.
Don't you know who I fucking am?
I need that dough brudda.
I don't mean a couple grand.
I mean that Euro million Lizzy up in my fucking bank.
Pigs in my mirror. Fuck it, if they try shit.
Got a plan in hand so know that they ain't gonna find shit.
Unless they got a warrant for my privates.
But when it comes to my dick, you won't see behind it.
…I could probably take an ounce on a flight with
Six dynamite sticks, al quaeda pilots.
5 ships, 9 whips, still wouldn't find shit.
Might get it hard and beat you widdit like a nightstick.
Priceless, Big Boss Man from the get go..
Hello (hello), you must not have got the memo..
DPMO, not a jolly follow..
'Til I'm chilling in a field of the grass, not a meadow..
Then it's Stay Smiling, the future is yellow..
But the J's gotta come first, like Leno. Defo.
Then I'll find who ain't feeling my demo..
Who controls you puppets? Take me to Gepetto.
Track Name: Page Unfolds
"And you will never know"

[Verse One]
I want a one way ticket.
I'm going nowhere round here this ain't living.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho! I'll pave the way singing.
Ain't shit for me in this place, I ain't kidding.
Safe to say livid, day to day billing.
Paper chase killing, mate we ain't winning.
Wages stay still and he's scraping way thin so..
He's made to stay spitting with haters slating him.
Them waste of space fakes that make this Great Britain.
If I run away and stray I ain't missing.
Fuck the tax man, I'll make him pay, kill him..
..In a state of rage, I'm deface the state-willing.
Press degrade women and papers make killings.
While man are being raised to rape and hate women.
You can rearrange the day and age, listen..
They'll never replace the faith to escape in him.

[Verse Two]
As the page unfolds..
..tell me sign here, I'ma write my name in BOLD.
…It's enough to make my brain explode..
My world's raining and rotating slow.
There's a gaping hole where my art was.
Pain takes control in the heart of the darkness..
Has atheists praying, saying Our Father's.
Has others saying Hail Mary to the narbis.
But I refuse to lose so I can't quit.
Have a few more than two before I pass it.
Colder than the wind chill in the arctic.
Last thing I feel's to appeal to your market.
Everybody busy try'na be the damn man.
I'm try'na hatch plans to stack grands.
Sick of being raped by the tax man like wham bam.
Like a gang bang, and they wonder why we gang bang.

[Verse Three]
Try'na get my paper up.
Keeping it legitimate but every other way is fucked.
And when we make a buck, everybody hates on us..
I could never make it up, I'm just try'na make it up.
Ambition's expanding in my heart.
I don't wanna hit a bar with the mandem and have a dance.
I just wanna puff on a banger and rap my bars.
As my girl has my back and the apathy don't surpass.
I ain't got the fanbase to sell my tracks yet.
..and rap ain't rated, but I won't back step.
And yep, I do it for the love like Sam said..
..and will till cancer hits and I've got jack left.
So you can judge me, hating won't budge me.
I will succeed but ain't cheap like the budgie.
My rein'll make everybody's rap's rusty.
Krusty Clowns can't compete. The love's deep.
Na, I'm just passionate homie.
And glad what I'm half decent at can console me.
So if i ain't happy I don't have to be lonely.
Even if my home town ain't glad to promote me.
Quote me.
Track Name: Pretty Lies
It's a fact of life.
The moth flies close to the candlelight.
..'til its future looks dark like pandas eyes.
…Play with fire too much and you'll have to die.
Mary randomise my angry mind.
Only wanna see paradise when I fantasise..
..and listen to soul. Listen my soul's.. eternal flame, ex-terminating any parasites.
……Better the devil you know, that ain't right.
No one cuts deeper than the man standing at your side.
An ideology that Dan denied.
Only learn when your back is knifed, man I tried.
Step back in time, let the hands rewind.
I would catch feelings but my hands are tied.
I refuse to be-little OR patronise.
Analyse my truth. Please don't hand me lies.
Might light it up.
Abscond to heavens beyond from the crime of buds..
Blow out the flame to darkness, let my eyes adjust.
Stimulate my senses and heighten lust.
Apologies to every yat I tried to fuck.
..Crazy bitches had me thinking that my time was up.
…..I'll stick to beats like a lifer does..
…'Cause I finally picked a diamond, now I'm shining 'nuff.
If you don't like it, better lighten up.
Media piping up. Stereotyping us.
…..In my eyes, living life morally right's enough.
But you brand me as a dumb thug 'cause I like to puff.
Bite my tongue, writing 'nuff.
Taught not to follow, and decipher who I can trust.
…….I'll conspire 'til the skies erupt.
Middle finger higher up. Government are lying fucks.
If it's all a game, what's the aim of it?
If lives are at steak, then why you playing it?
There's enough resources in the wake of it..
But humane ain't in our nature, so we take the piss.
Pray for it.
Don't believe in God so they label him an atheist.
…I write rhymes to repent sins, what d'you make of it?
I think the craziness came before the haters did.
I just kick it with an 8th of piff.
I don't rate your sniff, fuck the white on some racist shit.
……On point, stay sharper than a razor is.
Won't succumb to procrastination or laziness.
Come get lost in the haziness..
This is one for the team, there ain't a greater gift.
If silence is golden, then let 'em bake a bit.